Donation Appeal – Essential Items for Children

Donation Appeal – Essential Items for Children


📢 Lenity NI URGENTLY needs your donations of essential items for children and their families…

ℹ️ All donations will help support local families who are struggling to meet basic needs.


About Lenity NI 

Lenity NI are a non-profit organisation in Waringstown, co-ordinated by Christine Kelly . They work with a variety of charity projects in Northern Ireland, Europe and Africa and address needs such as those in isolation, those with urgent financial challenges and those who are homeless/ living in poverty.

During the past year due to the pandemic, they have seen a great increase in the number of local families who are struggling to meet basic needs.  Items such as food, clothes and shoes for children and hygiene items such as soap, toothpaste and shampoo are beyond reach for some.


Items which are URGENTLY required are:

  • Food 
  • Nappies
  • Hygiene items


Please register your support on the form below by typing “Lenity NI” in the first box to receive further details of where your items can be delivered to.

Thank You 🙏

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