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What is Community Calling?

Community Calling was formed as a volunteer-led initiative to coordinate urgent community support across Northern Ireland in response to the pandemic. The project quickly gained traction with support reaching thousands of people in just a few months.

Right now, the team at Community Calling are working to strengthen community cohesion and build a collaborative community network (of individuals and organisations) with a shared goal – to get the right support to the right people at the right time, without duplication.

To date, the beneficiaries are those significantly affected by the pandemic, in particular those who are isolated, elderly or in a vulnerable situation. However, as new needs arise, our services are being extended to support people facing a multitude of challenges.

Community Calling Map 2020-07-23

How does it work?

We provide a digital, community support matching service.

Support requests are quickly matched with available, local support via a central platformMembers of the community can offer and request support via our website.

There is a simple 7 step process for support requests:

When forms are submitted, information is instantly stored on our secure, central database. Our system uses technology to filter requests, in real-time, to our dedicated communication channels based on location.

Who benefits?

Members of the community who benefit from our services are being matched with support across a wide range of needs and challenges.

Collaboration is key

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Can you help us?

If you're in a position to offer support (time, skills, items or donations), please take 2 minutes to let us know...

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