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We are Community Calling

Community Calling connects people in vulnerable situations to a network of local support.

Anyone, from any background, can suddenly find themselves in a situation where they need help. It may be that they can’t leave the house to get their shopping or medication; perhaps they don’t have access to basic needs such as money or food.

The current pandemic shines a spotlight on the problem, but it has always existed and it will continue to exist long after COVID-19. Cuts to basic community services result in many individuals and families struggling to cope.

That’s why we established Community Calling – a network of volunteers who are willing and able to provide support. That may be collecting shopping or medication, arranging a food parcel, or simply providing members of the community with the security of knowing that someone is there for them. We have repurposed enterprise software to match support requests with local volunteers, in minutes.

Since mid-March 2020 we’ve built a network of hundreds of volunteers and community groups, and our support has reached thousands of individuals across Northern Ireland.

Community Calling Map 2020-07-23

Our Mission...

To support our communities

We’re dedicated to connecting people in vulnerable situations to a network of local support; promoting collaboration and true community spirit, without prejudice.

Our team has grown rapidly, and our board brings expertise in communities, communications and technology. We are engaging externally and forming key collaborations, from charities to corporates. 


We are here to help our local communities in any way we can so please do get in touch if there is a gap that we could help fill.


We are keen to support local creatives – musicians, artists, makers and educators so please get in touch to collaborate.


Collaboration is at the heart of our organisation. We firmly believe that we can achieve more collectively.


As we continue to support our local communities, we will endeavour to make and promote sustainable choices.

Meet our team

We're very proud of our team

Sarah Scullion

Founder + CEO

Charmayne Milliken

Support Coordinator

Danielle Mills

Support Coordinator

Claire Dowds


Conall McDevitt


Gary Davidson

VC and Secretary

Collaboration is key

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Can you help us?

If you're in a position to offer support (time, skills, items or donations), please take 2 minutes to let us know...

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